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The 6th annual conference of ISCI
The 6th annual conference of ISCI (the international society for child indicators) "Children in the world of opportunities: Innovations in research, policy and practice" will be held on June 28-30 2017 in Montreal, Canada. For more details click here.
The project
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Aims and objectives

The study aims to collect solid and representative data on children’s lives and daily activities, their time use and, in particular, their own perceptions and evaluations of their well-being.

This data will be used to improve children's well-being by creating awareness among children, parents and communities to the everyday lives of children, their environment, their relationships with others, their beliefs and satisfaction.

By studying children’s worlds in as many countries as possible, we also aim to influence opinion leaders, decision makers, professionals and the general public, both in the project countries and internationally.

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