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The project

Children’s Worlds is a worldwide research survey on children’s subjective well-being aiming to improve children’s lives.

It is an international, inter-cultural and multi-linguistic survey studying children’s worlds in as many countries as possible around the globe. This kind of exploration is essential to support cross-national comparative work, which is currently largely lacking in this field of inquiry. 


Benefits of participation

Using a quantitative approach the project aims to collect solid and representative data from children themselves. A new self-administered questionnaire has been developed to measure the perceptions and evaluations of children in mid-childhood. This particular method means that children’s appraisals of their lives will be available to researchers and policymakers, both in the project countries and internationally. 

The project’s questionnaire and the data generated through the survey will be freely available to interested researchers worldwide. Researchers are encouraged to use our data for exploration of additional research questions. Furthermore, new countries are warmly welcome to join the project 

The Jacobs Foundation

The project is supported by the Jacobs Foundation . The Jacobs Foundation is active worldwide in promoting child and youth development. It was founded in Zurich by entrepreneur Klaus J. Jacobs in 1989.