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Using the questionnaires

The three questionnaires which were used in the second wave can be used freely. If you use the questionnaires we ask you to indicate the Children’s Worlds project as a reference.

The three questionnaires in English can be downloaded from the following links:

• 12 Years-old questionnaire 

• 10 Years-old questionnaire

• 8 Years-old questionnaire 

Details about scales of the questionnaire can be found here.

Details about overall well being masures can be found here. 

 Translated versions of the questionnaires to various languages as well as a version for children in care are available upon request

The use of questionnaires by itself is not enough to participate in the project and the international database. More information about joining the project can be found here 

The Jacobs Foundation

The project is supported by the Jacobs Foundation . The Jacobs Foundation is active worldwide in promoting child and youth development. It was founded in Zurich by entrepreneur Klaus J. Jacobs in 1989.