New researchers and countries are warmly welcome to join the project and conduct the survey in their country.

 Joining the project requires compliance with a number of guidelines including the use of the questions from the standard survey questionnaire and random sampling of the country or region in the country. 

Benefits of participation

Countries participating in the survey will be able to use a set of survey questionnaires which have been extensively tested with children. The questionnaires have been designed bearing in mind that national survey teams may wish to add their own questions to explore additional issues of importance in their particular country.

The survey will provide an opportunity to compare and contrast the lives of children in a wide range of countries. All data will eventually be made freely available to researchers on the web. However there will be a time delay of 12-18 months before data is made publicly available. This will provide national survey teams with the opportunity to analyse and publish findings from their own data set. During this period, participating survey teams will also have access to data collected in other countries to enable comparisons to be made.

In addition to the above benefits, participating survey teams will have access to advice and support in conducting the survey from the group of international researchers.

To join the project or for more information please use the contact form or see key contacts.