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Access our dataset

The Children’s Worlds international database for each wave of data collection will be freely available 12 to 18 months after the completion of the database. This is to provide national survey teams with the opportunity to analyze and publish findings from their own data set.

  • First wave database (2011-2012) – Over 34,000 children. Freely available by request.
  • Second wave database (2013-2014) – Over 61,000 children. Freely available by request.
  • Third wave database (2016-2019) – Over 128,000 children. Freely available by request 
  • Fourth Wave-Covid-19 database (2020-2022) –  Over 27,000 children from 24 countries. Freely available by request.


To receive the dataset, please fill out the form below. 


The data is provided freely to all interested researchers under the following conditions:

  • The data is to be used only for academic research purposes. It should not be used for commercial or profit-making activities.
  • Please do not pass any data you have received from us on to others (apart from colleagues working on the same analysis). The reason for this condition is that we wish to be able to keep all data users informed of updates or other developments to the data. If you have colleagues outside your immediate research team who are interested in obtaining the data, you should not share the data with them. Instead please ask them to contact us directly to obtain a copy of the data.
  • You will acknowledge the source of the data (including specifically mentioning the Children’s Worlds project) in any publications or other dissemination activities.
  • -You will inform us in advance of any publications, presentations or other dissemination activities that you undertake using the data. This helps us monitor the data usage. The key contact for this purpose is Hanita Kosher, the project coordinator (hanita.kosher@mail.huji.ac.il)
  • Please also note that the children who participated in the Children’s Worlds study willingly shared with us a great deal of detailed personal information about their daily lives and their families. We trust that you will make every effort to meet acceptable ethical and research standards. Please respect the confidentiality of the children and do not try to identify the children, their families, or their communities.

If you use the Children’s Worlds data in any publication, we ask you to include the following acknowledgement:

“The data used in this publication come from the third wave of Children’s Worlds project: An international survey of children’s lives and well-being (www.isciweb.org). The views expressed here are those of the author(s). They are not necessarily those of ISCWeB.”

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