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 Children’s views on their lives and well-being in 17 countries: Key Messages from each country, April 2016


The report provides 17 short reports summarizing the most salient and policy relevant findings for each of the countries which took part in the survey.
Children's Worlds, 2016


 Children’s views on their lives and well-being in 16 countries: A report on the Children's World's survey of children aged 8 years old, 2013-15.

Authors: Gwyther Rees, Jonathan Bradshaw and Sabine Andresen

Children's Worlds, 2015




 Children’s views on their lives and well-being in 15 countries: An initial report on the Children’s Worlds survey, 2013-14

Authors: Gwyther Rees and Gill Main

Children's Worlds, 2015


This is a report on the second wave of the Children’s Worlds survey. This report presents findings from over 30,000 children aged 10 to 12 from 15 countries across four continents. It provides new comparative insights into the context of children’s lives, how children spend their time and how they feel about their lives.


 Children's Worlds: Findings from the first wave of data collection (English)
Authors: Tamar Dinisman and Gwyther Rees

Children's Worlds, 2014


This report explores the Children's Worlds first wave of data collection. It details the methods and samples and presents comparative findings from all 14 participating countries by the three age groups.

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