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Children’s views on their lives and well-being in 17 countries: Key Messages from each country, April 2016 (English)

Children's Worlds, 2016

The report provides 17 short reports summarizing the most salient and policy relevant findings for each of the countries which took part in the survey.


Bălțătescu, S., & Bacter, C. (2015). Bunăstarea văzută prin ochii copiilor români: rezultatele studiului internaţional "Lumea copiilor" (ISCWeB) [Well-being through the eyes of the children. Results of the international study Children's Worlds ISCWeb), Oradea, Cluj-Napoca: Editura Universității din Oradea, Editura Presa Universitară Clujeană.(Spanish)

Investigar la calidad de vida con niños y niñas (2016) (Spanish)

New Book with the results of the ISCWeB, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Authors: Tonon, G., Mikkelsen, C., Rodríguez de la Vega, L. y Toscano, W.

Libro Colección Científica UNI-COM. Facultad de Ciencias Sociales. Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora, Argentina.

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• Subjective well-being of children in Chile in international context (Spanish)

Bienestar subjetivo de la infancia en Chile en el contexto internacional

Authors: Jaime Alfaro, Javier Guzman, Denise Oyarzún, Fernando Reyes, David Sirlopú and Jorge Varela

Universidad del Desarrollo, 2015/2016


• The good childhood report 2015 (English)
Authors: Larissa Pople, Phil Raws, Gwyther Rees, Gill Main and Jonathan Bradshaw

Children's Society and University of York. 2015


This fourth report in the series of annual reports published by the Children's Society about how children in the UK feel about their lives. The current report shows children's in England ranked low with regards to bullying, their experience of school and their self image, compare to children in 14 other countries.



 National reports the second wave of data collection (English)

These reports are the National reports of the second wave of data collection, with a representative samples of at least 3,000 children from each country.

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General Introduction


Algeria: Habib Tillouine


Colombia: Juanita Bernal, Yicel Nairobis Giraldo and Ofelia Roldan


Estonia: Dagmar Kutsar, Rein Murakas and Kairi Talves


Ethiopia: Yehualashet Mekonen and Negussie Dejene


Germany: Johanna Wilmes, Renate Möller and Sabine Andresen


Israel: Avital Kaye-Tzadok and Asher Ben-Arieh


Korea: Bong Joo Lee, Jaejin Ahn, Joan Yoo and Sun Suk Kim


Malta: Carmel Cefai and Natalie Galea


Nepal: Arbinda Lal Bhomi 


Norway: Elisabeth Backe-Hansen


Polan: Dorota Strózik, Tomasz Strózik and Krzysztof Szwarc


Romania: Sergiu Bălțătescu and Claudia Oșvat


South Africa: Shazly Savahl, Sabirah Adams, Serena Isaacs, Gaironeesa Hendricks, Arnold Matzdorff, Cassandra Wagenaar, Lameez Abrahams and Rose September


Spain: Ferran Casas, Mònica González, Sara Malo, Dolors Navarro, Carme Montserrat, Ferran Viñas, Carles Alsinet, Gemma Crous, Mireia Baena and Mireia Aligué


Turkey: Serra Müderrisoğlu, Abdullah Karatay, Pınar Uyan-Semerci, and Başak Ekim-Akkan


United Kingdom: Gwyther Rees, Gill Main, and Jonathan Bradshaw


 The good childhood report 2014 (English)
Authors: Larissa Pople, Phil Raws, Dorothea Mueller, Sorcha Mahony, Gwyther Rees, Jonathan Bradshaw, Gill Main and Antonia Keung

The children's Society and University of York. 2014


This report is part of a nine-year programme of research on children’s well-being, involving around 50,000 children.Using some data from the ISCWeB project this latest report provides crucial new insights into how children in the UK feel about their lives, how this is changing over time and how they compare with children in other countries.


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 What affects the subjective well-being and quality of life of Chilean children? (Qué afecta el bienestar subjetivo y la calidad de vida de las niñas y niños Chilenos?) (Spanish)
Authors: Juan Carlos Oyanedel, Jaime Alfaro, Jorge Varela and Javier Torres

Universidad de Santiago and Universidad del Desarrollo. 2014


This report presents the results of the first national survey of children's subjective well-being, held in Chile in 2012, as part of the International Survey on Children's Subjective Well-Being ( ISCWeB ), with a total of 2,572 children (3rd, 5th and 7th grades) from the Metropolitan areas of Valparaiso and Biobío.

 • Children's Well-Being from their own point of view: What affects the children’s well‐being in the first year of Compulsory Secondary Education in Spain? (El Bienestar Infantil desde el punto de vista de los niños) (Spanish)
Authors: Ferran Casas and Armando Bello

UNICEF Spain. 2012


This report explores and analyzes the subjective well-being of a representative sample of children attending first year of Compulsory Secondary Education (most of them 12 years old) in Spain. This includes their opinions and perceptions about different areas of their lives, as well as their levels of satisfaction with them.


Executive Summary in English

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