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ISCI Award in the honor of Alfred J. Kahn and Sheila B. Kamerman

The International Society for Child Indicators (ISCI) is delighted to announce its bi-annual award for researchers and scholars in the field of child indicators in the honor of Alfred J. Kahn and Sheila B. Kamerman.

The award will be granted at the 6th Conference of the International Society for Child Indicators (ISCI) "Children in a World of Opportunities: Innovations in Research, Policy and Practice" which will be held in May 2017 at Canada, Montreal. 

The award is directed to researchers and scholars demonstrating profound involvement in their studies in international comparative of children welfare and well-being, and whom in their studies and academic writing have been significantly contributing to the of child indicators from international perspective.

The aim of the award is to recognize excellence in the field of comparative research on child indicators and child welfare. The award is intended to inspire individuals to pursue research in this field.

Nominations may be submitted only by researchers and scholars whom their papers has been accepted to be presented in the conference.

Nominations should be submitted until 31 March 2017. Please submit your application to

Submission should include:

-          Name, contact information and affiliation details

-          Short biography

-          List of publications

-          The abstract that has been accepted for presentation in the conference.

The award will be judged by the ISCI Impact Award committee.

For download (PDF) click here.


Alfred  J. Kahn and Sheila B. Kamerman

Alfred J. Kahn and Sheila B. Kamerman are recognized as leading scholars in the field of child indicators. Their pioneering work in comparative child and family policy studies spurned the social indicators movement.

Dr. Alfred Joseph Kahn (1919 –2009) was an American expert on social policy and social work pioneer.  Few, if any scholars in the field of social work have impacted the literature and thinking in the area of social policy as he has. Dr. Kahn was among the first to conduct comparative studies on child and family policies and monitored the status of children since the 1940s.  He conducted several national and international studies on social planning, social services, delinquency and community planning for children for government, private foundations and the United Nations and foreign governments. He published extensively on social planning, social welfare research, the development of social work knowledge and community of mental health, and on comparative social policies with Sheila B. Kamerman.


Sheila Brody Kamerman is the Compton Foundation Centennial Professor Emerita of Social Work for the Prevention of Children’s and Youth Problems at Columbia University.  She and Dr. Kahn co-directed the Institute for Child and Family Policy at Columbia University and the Cross-National Studies Research Program. Dr. Kamerman is a prolific scholar and writer. In addition to her research and scholarly writing, she served on several Boards of Directors of child and policy-related organizations, including: Zero to Three: The National Center for Infants and Toddlers and their Families, Citizen’s Committee for the Children of New York; the Children’s Rights Division of Human Rights Watch, and the National Partnership of Women and Families. She has been on the Board of several scholarly journals, including the Children and Youth Services Review, the Social Service Review and the International Social Security Review. Dr. Kamerman worked closely with U.S. and international organizations regarding early childhood education and care, parental leave policies, and child poverty.

  Alfred J. Kahn and Sheila B. Kamerman award
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