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A meeting was hosted by UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre on 5 and 6 November, 2012, in which early findings from the first data collection were presented and future steps were discussed. The meeting brought together members of the Innocenti Research Centre, Gordon Alexander and Chris de Neubourg among others, and colleagues from 8 countries participating in the first ISCWeB data collection.

Preliminary findings from the surveys in eight countries (Brazil, England, Israel, Nepal, Romania, Spain, Uganda and United States) were presented. The presentations were followed by a discussion about challenges in the data collection and ways to improve the questionnaire, especially with regards to the need for cultural adaptation.

 All in all, it was apparent that the questionnaire works in different countries, different cultures and different ages, and at the end of this wave we would have valuable detailed information from tens of thousands of children around the world on issues that have rarely been asked before, which will allow us to know much more about the lives of children.