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Special sessions in ISCI 5th conference in Cape Town

Eight Several papers based on the second wave of data collection were presented in three special sessions at the 5th conference of the International Society for Child Indicators (ISCI) in Cape Town, South Africa on September 2-4, 2015

The world of 8 year-olds: A comparative view on well-being of young children
Johanna Wilmes and Sabine Andresen

Child well-being in the macro context
Jonathan Bradshaw and Gwyther Rees

Inequality, material well-being, and subjective well-being: Exploring associations for children across 15 diverse countries
Gill Main, Carme Montserrat, Sabine Andresen, Jonathan Bradshaw and Bong Joo Lee 

Does school organization matter for children’s subjective well-being? Exploring differences between state-run and state-subsidized school in Catalonia (Spain)
Ferran Casas, Monica Gonzalez-Carrasco, Doloros Navarro, Gemma Crous, Joan Romans and Merche Martin

Using psychometric scales as children’s subjective well-being indicators in cross-cultural analysis
Ferran Casas

Decomposition of children’s subjective well-being by countries: What matters to whom?
Bong Joo Lee and Min Sang Yoo

Pilot study of child well-being in West Java, Indonesia
Ihsana Sabriani Borualogo and Petra Hoelscher

Family life and its influence on children’s subjective well-being: The case of Poland
Dorota Strozik, Tomasz Strozik  and Krzysztof Szwarc

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