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The 11th ISQOLS Conference

The Spanish team from the University of Girona presented several papers from the ISCWeB data collection in Spain at the 11th conference of the International Society for Quality of Life Studies in Venice, Italy on November 1-4, 2012.

Subjective well-being: A comparative analysis between children born and not born in Spain
Armando Bello and Ferran Casas


Children’s subjective well-being in Spain: Using a new synthetic index
Ferran Casas, Armando Bello, Mónica González, Mireia Aligué, Irma Bertrán, Carme Montserrat, Dolors Navarro, Gabriel González-Bueno and María von Bredow


The subjective well-being of adolescents: Variations between different living arrangements
Carme Montserrat, Tamar Dinisman and Ferran Casas


 Adolescents’ Social Participation in the family context
Dolors Navarro, Mireia Aligué, Sara Malo, Ferran Casas and Mònica González